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Our Staffing department: Licensed in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and PEI, our staffing solution specializes in bilingual skilled candidates in the restaurant and hospitality sector.  Our procedure is unique and different than any company in our industry. Workers never are asked to pay anything to our company which provides corporations with a hugh selection of qualified candidates from a variety of countries.
It’s an immense undertaking for any candidate who is interested to work in Canada to go from the start point to arrival in Canada.  With 1000’s of candidates in the pipeline preparing documents each candidate will be thoughly vetted before the candidate is acceptable to be presented to corporations. All candidates are prequalified with all documentation in hand before they are introduced to your corporation


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Client Testimonials

The whole team is great! Excellent management and commitment to the project.

Jessica Ma

Business Owner

Thank you Work Set for all your help. My family has their permanent residence!

Ryma Alahiane

Permanent Resident , Client

We are fully staffed since 2014 thanks to Work Set and the bilingual workers!

Joe Virk

Owner, Subway

Your workers were great and helped us when we needed it most. Thank you Work Set.

Yvonne Lalani

Business Owner

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